G-BIZ Info System Pvt. Ltd. is dealing with different types of MAIL ORDER PUBLICATIONS & BOOKS, everyday it is recruiting people for work. After becoming the registered employee of the company, you'll be provided with all the necessary material & kit which you'll need to start MAIL ORDER BUSINESS (MOB). Along with the kit, you'll be given some important papers, forms etc. and all the required information on how to start MOB. All you've to do is to write/type something about the company's product, so that its demand increases. These letters are called PROMOTIONAL LETTER. The company will provide all the necessary information to write promotional letters (you don't have to write promotional letters every time, you can use photocopy of one successful promotional letter). After writing a promotional letter you have to attach it with other papers & forms of the company, then put it an envelope and post it.

The material and books which you'll get from our head office will give you all the information about the list of people to whom you'll write letters. Surprisingly, you donít have to search people; everyday you'll get more than 200+ address. So don't worry for the addresses, just read all the material and books carefully, which you will receive and start your work within 10 days.

Don't worry for any postage stamp and envelope cost. You do not have to pay a single rupee for all these as you'll automatically get all the envelopes along with stamps - Free of cost. Just put necessary papers in it and post it. Here everything is arranged for you and that's why it is the best part-time job ever found which people like to do.

In the beginning, at least 3 to 4 hours a day will be required for understanding the work, and there is no end for this business -- you can start and stop it whenever you want. Good thing is that no one wants to stop because it is very PROFITABLE.

Dear customer, we're taking Rs.790/- from you to enroll your name in the employees list of the company as a registered MOB employee. It needs many processing. It also includes the cost for the important materials & books containing vital information regarding peopleís addresses & free postage stamp etc. There are many important information which you need to start MOB within 10 DAYS.

After 10 days or before, from the day of posting letters, your payment will start coming to you by DD's / Cheques / M.O. Everyday you'll get lots of payments. Many employees are getting at least minimum of 5 payments a day, which means around Rs.4000/- a day! Many hard workers are getting more the 20 payments, which means around Rs.16000/- a day!!





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